Jun 20

How to Contribute to Open Source

Blitz.js Meetup
Jun 17

SQL Tricks and Concepts You Didn't Know About

Prisma Day
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Jun 16

How Blitz.js Makes Fullstack Web Development a Breeze

JS Nation
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Feb 18

A Glimpse Into the Future of Fullstack Development with Blitz.js

Noode Congress
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Mar 30

Custom business logic with Hasura

GraphQL Wrocław
Mar 9

🇵🇱 Introduction to GraphQL and Hasura



Nov 25

Building command line interfaces with Ink

Wrocław TypeScript
Aug 18

🇵🇱 Hasura — instant GraphQL API and much more

Festiwal GraphQL i React
Aug 14

🇵🇱 Śniadanie z Programowaniem — TypeScript edition

Śniadanie z Programowaniem
Jul 18

Custom JSX pragmas

Interal meetup at Hasura
Jul 7

Adopting TypeScript — good 'n bad reasons and how to do it

Paris TypeScript
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Jun 24

Static Typing: Which Language to Choose? (Extended version)

HolyJS Piter
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Apr 30

🇵🇱 Hasura — instant GraphQL API

Fullstak Podcast
Apr 30

🇵🇱 Building highly-performant backend with Hasura

Chop-Chop Academy
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Mar 21

Static typing: which language to choose?

FrontConf Munich
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Feb 28

TypeScript workshops

Internal event at Hasura
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Feb 11

TS-in-CSS vol. 2

Kraków TypeScript
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Feb 2

Adopting TypeScript

Internal event at Hasura


Nov 27


Wrocław TypeScript
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Oct 30

Persistent data structures thanks to the type aliases

Wrocław TypeScript
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Sep 26

Higher Rank Types

Wrocław TypeScript Meetup
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Aug 14

Type Inference Under The Hood

Internal event at Ingrid
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Jan 30

Developing VS Code Extensions

Wrocław TypeScript Meetup