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· at Wrocław TypeScript · Wrocław

Length: 30 min


How to harness the power of TypeScript in your styles. Time to change the perspective and instead of thinking how to put CSS in your app, let’s start thinking about how to exploit TypeScript in your styles.

How I deliver the talk?

  • Lecture
  • Demos
  • Code snippets

What I will show to the people?

  • Pros of using CSS-in-JS
  • How are some modern solutions built and why are they built that way?
  • How to leverage TypeScript?
  • Different CSS-in-JS solutions comparison

What is the one thing I want people to learn?

You can use TypeScript to implement hard stuff and enhance your developer experience.


You can write more TypeScript and less CSS.


  1. Why TS in CSS?
  2. Benefits of CSS-in-JS
  3. How to leverage TypeScript in styles?
  4. Popular libraries comparison
  5. Summary